Foray in to Simple Animations

Since at the clinic I deal with intraoral scanning and 3D models on a daily basis, so I thought about doing something extracurricular with the models themselves. Here’s a really basic animation I made with a piece of open-source software called Blender. It’s a small part of a longer video

Polarized Light Photography

I’ve always wondered how some textbooks are able to get those photos with beautifully-colored tooth sections. Using them in PowerPoint presentations have become something of a trend, and I came across another one of those a couple of weeks ago. The photos themselves look like false-color images, but I knew

Coding Session: Mean Age of Patients

The topic of my patient demographics has come up on several occasions, and although I’m fairly certain of what my instincts are telling me, it’s really just a best guess. No more. Today I decided to waste a few hours and find out the mean and median age of my