One Year Anniversary

A year ago, a colleague and I started the Tooth Faerie Club in response to a general lack of resources and discussion on digital dentistry. The majority of young, technologically-inclined dentists could see the apparent advantages of a digital workflow, and yet here in Taiwan, the dentists of old are

The Ride Does Matter

A couple of days ago, I had an interesting conversation with another dentist about the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of intraoral scanners for prosthodontists. The gist of his argument was that because the focus of prosthodontic restorations is the planning prior to the actual treatment, the only tangible benefit of

The Road Not Taken

In light of the recent news regarding the questionable marketing tactics used by a Korean dental clinic, we have witnessed the beginning of the deep chasm forming between the aspirations of the dentist, and the desires of the patients. Small altercations have grown to a full-blown virtual war and, ironically,

Precipice of Change

This manuscript has appeared in the November issue of ADSRC Newsletter Part of being human is our perpetual desire for betterment, and technological advancement has always been at the forefront to facilitate us in achieving this goal. These days you would be hard-pressed to find a respectable number of people