Evolution of the Slides

Every year, I do a lecture on digital dentistry at National Yang Ming University. It would be the very first exposure to this particular topic for all but a few dental students, and we all know what they say about first impressions. No pressure right? Considering that this year’s session is tomorrow, maybe just a little bit.

The stress of preparing for these lectures stems not from the anxiety of public speaking; I’ve spent more than a fair share of time on the podium. Instead, it is the optimization of the presentation, trying to find the best flow of logic that conveys the information clearly without being oversimplified and insulting to the intelligence. And therefore the drastic reorganization of the PowerPoint every time, as I desperately fight the urge to add the latest information from the past year, so as not to get too bloated and unfocused. On the flip side, the different versions of my slides has become an unintentional record of the progression in digital dentistry. And what a progress it has been! Sometimes I look at my earlier presentations and wonder what fossils and forgotten relics I could find.