Traditional Workflow with CADCAM

Patient comes in with splinted crowns that were more than a decade old. After first consultation, we arranged a second appointment for endodontic treatment and provisional crowns.

Where to begin…

I split the treatment at #23 becauseĀ I assumed that the entire 9-unit anterior bridge were splinted. It wasn’t, and I could’ve saved a lot of time had I known that the #24 pontic was actually a cantilever extending from #25.

CEREC provisional.

After a few visits of root canal therapy, it was finally CEREC time.

Counting down the days to that #13 failure.
Delivery. IPS e.max CAD, monolithic, external stains only.

For single-visit restoration with multiple crowns, oftentimes the gingiva will look inflamed during delivery due to the dose of local anesthesia administered throughout the chair-time.

Three week follow-up.