One Year Anniversary

A year ago, a colleague and I started the Tooth Faerie Club in response to a general lack of resources and discussion on digital dentistry. The majority of young, technologically-inclined dentists could see the apparent advantages of a digital workflow, and yet here in Taiwan, the dentists of old are saying to the contrary. We witnessed the confusion cultivated from this unfriendly climate, and saw a need to create a safe space for meaningful discourse.

And so the study club was born, in May 2016. Its name: the Tooth Faerie Club, implies a leap of faith away from an established order. Its purpose was simple: unhindered and unburdened conversation about digital dentistry, both online and in monthly meetings. And what an engaging dialogue have we had so far.

For me, however, the greatest personal satisfaction comes from the discovery of talents and passions within the community. Digital dentistry is still off the beaten path, and it is incredibly gratifying to meet so many others who are willing to explore with us.