First Video with Resolve

The one good thing about getting a broken bone is the abundance of time that follows. Had some time to try out Davinci Resolve for the first time, and made a video about coffee, of all things. Really enjoyed the different and more efficient approach to NLE editing in the

A Curious Void

After reflecting on last weekend’s lecture with the pediatric dentists, it is still a bit of a shock to me that I am unable to find a convincing application of digital dentistry in that particular field. We often think of the encroachment of technology blanketing all that was old-fashioned and

The Comfort of Six

With Typhoon Maria shoving buckets of rain at the windows, it seems like the right time for a zero-constructive blog post. After 2 weeks in Phoenix and Las Vegas, followed by 5 days in South Korea, it was really hard to get back into the office chair. Not gonna lie,

Evolution of the Slides

Every year, I do a lecture on digital dentistry at National Yang Ming University. It would be the very first exposure to this particular topic for all but a few dental students, and we all know what they say about first impressions. No pressure right? Considering that this year’s session

Photos from IDEM Singapore

Dr. Michael Tsao and I were invited to IDEM Singapore by Dentsply-Sirona for some session presentations. It wasn’t anything big but I enjoyed very much what the country had to offer. Especially the food. Here’s a disorganized bunch of photos from our trip.

Zirconia the Third

We’ve had the Katana STML zirconia for a while, but haven’t seen much of its use due to two reasons. One is that our version only comes in disc-form, so in order to mill it I’d have to break out the big MCX5 5-axis milling machine, instead of the much

Foray in to Simple Animations

Since at the clinic I deal with intraoral scanning and 3D models on a daily basis, so I thought about doing something extracurricular with the models themselves. Here’s a really basic animation I made with a piece of open-source software called Blender. It’s a small part of a longer video

Nothing Is New

I remember reading somewhere that an original thought is, by definition, impossible because our cognitive insights are always derived from external experiences. Obviously the argument was expressed much more elegantly by the author, and it made sense at the time. Our common intuition, however, seems to suggest otherwise, and we

The Obstacle is the Path

Over the past year, I’ve given enough speeches and presentations to be able to group them into three basic categories: Technical Instructional Motivational Technical lectures deal with skill-learning, and are oftentimes accompanied by hands-on workshops. These are the easiest to prepare for, but can’t be reliably managed both in terms

The Perils of Rapid Development

As a speaker for digital dentistry, I have the good fortune of meeting dentists from all walks of life. But whether they are from super high-end conglomerate mega-clinics or a modest single-chair office in a developing nation, it is interesting to see that they are oftentimes tripped up by the

Follow-Up on the Old Man

My oldest patient on came back for another routine check the other day, and our #21 is still holding strong! His restoration was showcased in a CEREC Digest article that I wrote early this year, and it is still one of my favorite. Here’s a photo I took this week.

Notes on Spatial Resolution [Part 1]

Although we think of 3D models as volumetric entities, most of the time they are actually just shells made out of small 2D surfaces. So how can we find the preserved resolution after an intraoral scan is post-processed? Simply counting the number of surfaces can give us a relative degree of detail. In essence: